Custom Flags

Custom Flags in Levittown & Bensalem, PA

If you are looking for a flag that can fly freely in the air and is great for advertising in two different directions so customers can see no matter which way they are driving by your business or organization, our duplex printing flag will be a perfect choice.

Enjoying custom size, graphic design, your flags with logos will definitely be an attention-grabber. Featuring gorgeous printing and creative designs, the custom pole flags are excellent for showcasing your team spirit, sports teams, Cheerleading and company logo and become the focus of the crowd.

Printed with premium graphic, Custom Flags are the best way to attract attentions from your target audience. Each custom flag can be made to fit your graphic and scenarios. Our custom flag is definitely an optimum choice to make your advertising display stand out!

Available fabrics for custom printed flags include 100D Polyester, 110g Knitted Polyester, 130g Shiny Knitted Polyester, 210D Oxford, Spun Polyester and more.

Single Side and Double Side Printing

Double-sided custom flags will have two readable sizes. We'll print on the front and back of the flag so no matter which way the wind blows, your flag will always be visible and readable. We use a block-out in the middle of the two layers of two-sided flags to prevent visibility from one side to the other.

Single sided pole flags are printed on one side only. While single sided flags may be not as effective as double sided, they are more budget friendly. We offer both standard sizes and custom sizes are available. Standard sizes include 2' x 3', 3' x 5', 4' x 6', 5' x 8', 6' x 10', and custom sizes made with 300D polyester wrinkle-resistant and flame retardant

These flags can be finished with different accessories like pole sleeve, grommet, plastic D-rings, sister clips to meet your different occasion needs.

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Body Flags

Body flags, also called cape flags, is a kind of novel flag that might not be known by many people in Levittown, PA. It is good for decoration, celebration, advertising, and promotion. With 2 sleeves designed, it can be worn at sporting events, festivals, and more. You can design one with slogans to support your favorite sports teams, and you can also customize one with your brand logo and company name to do a little advertising for your business or organization. Our body flags are constructed with two sleeves, so you can easily wear them on. High-grade materials are used to let you have a good feel and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

We can make the flags standard 3'x5' and custom size for you. 3'x5' is the common size for adults. If you're ordering flags for children, 2'x3' is recommended. We use 110g Knitted Polyester Digital Printing and single layer

Fully customizable - Every detail of the customization process is up to you!
No MOQ - We have no minimum quantity requirement. You can order this flag of any amount at a wholesale price.