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I ordered a few Christmas ornaments as gifts- they were absolutely perfect! It's hard to find someone that takes pride in their work and that is exactly what Chuck does, takes pride! He is very detailed, honest and ensures satisfaction with a great turn around time! Thank you Green Turtle Designs! I highly recommend!

Ashley P

Green Turtle Design is absolutely wonderful. He will work with you to make sure everything is beyond perfect. In the past we have had countless projects done and we continuing to give him more. They make the perfect gifts for any occasion. The biggest and most loved project he did was a glass window for our wedding. What actually meant so much to me was the small deal he hand carved of when we started dating on the frame. Very excited about the next project he will be doing for our son. I would recommend Green Turtle Designs over and over again.

Tiffany Oberholtzer

Chuck has been so easy to work with. We send him a few of our ideas and he comes back with high quality pieces. I am so thankful we found Green Turtle Designs!

Signs of Heart

We love our 10x10! It has come in handy to help protect us from the harsh sun in the summertime which is when we use it the most. Chuck is very knowledgable about his product and his designs are sharp!

Stacy Schott

I have gotten numerous banners from the company . Me being picky he always nailed my designs and did an amazing job every single time. Very time efficient and quality is amazing. I would reccomend them to anyone that needed any type of work done to leave it in their hands. Thanks so much

Tanya Stapleton

IGTD dose quality work at affordable prices.
They've help my business with vehicle decals, business cards, flyers, door hangers, designs, yard signs and much more. 100 recommend Green Turtle.

Royal Touch Cleaning LLC

Chris Smalley

Chuck has completed many projects for myself and a business group we belong to. Easy to deal with with great end results.

Area Enclosures

I have purchased everything from graphics to wall signs. The customer service is great and everything arrived when they said. I will shop with them whenever I can

Joe Oberholtzer JR

Great customer service! Definitely would use Green Turtle Designs again! Highly recommend!!

Julie Lieb

Always professional, fast and excellent customer service. Great family run business


Great work in a timely manner. Would definitely use again.

John Gose